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Hi! We are Dillon and April Engstrom and we make up Engstrom Photography. Dillon is the visionary Photographer, April is the realistic manager, she gets to keep Dillon's grand ideas in check. Dillon graduated from San Jose State University with a BA in Photography. He takes pictures of almost everything. In fact, his camera is often considered his first wife. He is a photographer looking to photograph all aspects of life. He carries his DSLR with him EVERYWHERE he goes. People, Location, Fine Art bring it on! April has an AA in business administration and liberal arts. Her main job is to manage the business, which is no easy task. Thank you so much for looking into us. We would love to share in your important moments.


Fun Facts

About Dillon:

Fav music: Celtic Rock.
Fav Color: Bright Neon Orange
I want my own dragon...named toothless. :)
I first fell in love with taking photos on my first trip to Uganda.
I have a BA in Photography

I've been on 10+ mission & service trips.
I have over 200,000 pictures and counting...and that's just the ones I've kept.


About April:

My sister told me that if I were ever to meet her friend Dillon, we would get married. This was 2 years before we met...guess someone is a fortune teller.
I made 27 pieces of jewelry for our wedding.
I get really excited about accounting homework.
On my choir trip to Disney World I filled my memory card with pics of animals, then was too scared to clear them.
I cannot listen to classical music without dancing in my head.
TREKY ALERT: I can watch the 2009 Star Trek movie over and over again; but Pickard is still my favorite Captain.
I hated pink as a kid... now that I'm grown up I can't get enough of it!
My first word was Pizza. 23 years later, it's still my favorite food!
What do a squirrel, bear, wolf, and rat all have in common? They are all animals I played in Ballet.
I hardly cooked until we got married, now Martha Stewart online recipes are my friend. How many ways can chicken be cooked? I don't even think Martha knows.

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