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School Sports

Welcome Sports Parents and Athletes!

My name is Dillon Engstrom. I started photographing HS athletes since 2009 at my Alma Mater. I wanted to photograph these young athletes to bring a little positivity to these athletes. Self-esteem and self-image are huge issues amongst the youth. If I could come into their lives for a moment, and show them a positive self image, I have made an impact into their lives. That's my goal, to have photos the athletes can be proud of. 

-Dillon Engstrom, Owner & Photographer


The Process:

Photo Day scheduled

Order form link emailed out

Photo Day

Athlete takes individual portrait

Athlete takes optional buddy pose(s) immediately following the individual portrait

Team Photo taken when all athletes are present

In the several weeks following:

Orders forms are processed

Payments are verified and deposited

Emails of JPG sent if order included a JPG

Prints packaged after receiving them from the print lab

Prints will be mailed to the Coach to be handed out at practice

Can I see the pictures before ordering?

No, sorry. I am a solo show. I dont have a support staff. To manage proofs would take many more resources than I have. Also trying to manage parents and athletes to approve the proofs would take too much time. Since 2009, Ive only had a small handful of Parents and Athletes contact me to say they dont like the photos. Sometimes I can work with them, sometimes not. 

Can I do multiple poses in one package?

You can only do one pose per package. My ordering software doesnt allow mixing the poses with the package.

How long till we get prints?

I try to have them under a month. Again, solo show. I have a family and a very energetic 4 yr old son. I try my hardest to get them to you ASAP!

Do you do reshoots?

We do not offer reshoots. Sorry.

I didnt receive the right pose/print/etc. 

Shoot me an email and I'll see what the problem was. Ive gotten better at finding ways to avoid this, but, alas, I'm still human. SORRY!

Do you offer other things than just prints or whats on your order form?

YES! I can do ALL the things. Cups, blankets, posters, etc... Shoot me an email and we can work out the details. 

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